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                    Two factors that determine the cost performance ..

                    When buying spiral press, customers will consider the equipment comprehensively, that is, the cost performance. Generally speaking, customers consider from these two aspects: one is the output, the other is the dryness;

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                    Wide range of uses and features of screw presses..

                    The purpose of the screw press is relatively wide. Most of the things that need to be squeezed can use the device, and its many characteristics also determine its wide range of uses.

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                    Do you have the advantage of the belt type dewat..

                    Since its inception, Zhengzhou Dingli has been focusing on the production of dehydration and drying equipment.

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                    Kitchen, tail food waste treatment equipment - s..

                    In the transportation of kitchen waste, there is dripping phenomenon, too much soup, and it is not convenient to transport. After being treated by professional press equipment, it can meet environmental standards.

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                    Brewer's Grain Spent dewatering machine sold at..

                    The weather is hot, how to deal with the brewery residue generated by the brewery? Dingli Group will answer your questions.

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                    Belt dehydrator and screw dewatering machine..

                    Dewatering technology allows for highly wetted material to be mechanically dried. Material such as spent grains from ethynol plants, distillers and brewers, are ideally suited for this technology.

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