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                    Brewer's Grain Spent dewatering machine sold at discounted price
                    Time: 2020-02-08Phone/Wechat: 156-7062-6070Author: Dingli
                    Guide:The weather is hot, how to deal with the brewery residue generated by the brewery? Dingli Group will answer your questions.

                      Beer waste dehydration drying production line introduction:

                      The distiller's grains are residues and fine particles left after the solid grain is removed by coarse filtration after distilling out the alcohol or alcoholic beverage from the fermented grain. In response to the party's scientific development concept of sustainable development strategy, the company launched a professional waste distiller's distillation dryer. The brewer's grains dryer produced by Dingli Group is widely used in the drying and sterilization of fishmeal, blood meal, bean dregs, beer grains, wood chips, pomace, corn germ cake, animal manure and other high moisture materials. It has the characteristics of cost reduction, energy saving and reasonable process, compact structure, convenient installation, simple operation, wide adaptability and high versatility. It is an ideal drying equipment for the feed industry.

                    distiller's grains dewatering machine.jpg

                    Characteristics of beer waste dewatering and drying equipment:

                    1. Dehydrated and dried distiller's grains have high mechanization, large production capacity and continuous operation.

                    2. The structure is excellent, the operation is simple, the material runs smoothly through the cylinder resistance, and the operation is convenient.

                    3. Less failure, low maintenance cost and low power consumption.

                    4. The product has good drying uniformity.

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